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Chamber Candlestick

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The Chamber Candlestick looks like an antique chamberstick.

Although The Chamber Candlestick looks simple, Thor Høys has created miracles with the wood and almost magically made it bend. Exactly as if it was an antique chamberstick.

In this way, Thor Høy gives the impression that the corner of The Chamber Candlestick is bent, precisely as on an old chamberstick or brass candleholder. But bending the corner like that is not possible when working with wood. Therefore, the folded corner is milled, but with the ambition to make it look as if it was made out of metal.

In doing this, Thor Høy draws on his experience as a jewellery designer and thereby creates a unique illusion and elegant character.

Thor Høy found inspiration in the classic chambersticks in brass and silver from the 16th and 17th century. It is a minimalistic and useful small candlestick in walnut that fits both modern and classic interior decoration.

The Chamber Candlestick is a clear-cut way to create warmth and cosiness in the bedroom or on the dinner table on a cold winter morning. The small fold makes it easy to carry to the table or to balance.

3.5in. Length x 3.5in. Width x 1.1in. Height


Metal for the cup

Care Instructions:
The Chamber stand is a unique handmade and hand-assembled wooden product that will have variations from version to version. Clean with a damp cloth. Use beeswax regularly on all of our wooden products and they will last longer. 

0.16 lbs. 

Spring Copenhagen

Thor Høy

Country of Origin:

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