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SJ Bookcase


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Redefining the traditional bookcase, the SJ Bookcase is a statement design that would be an elegant addition decorating any room displaying favorite items. The three shelves are removable, which gives the freedom to rearrange the shelves over time and giving the SJ Bookcase a new expression over and over again.

A wall-mounted bookcase system - from the rigorous to the more asymmetric expression. 

Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

From Left to Right
Square : 12.6in. Width x 9.4in. Depth x 12.6in. Height 
Vertical : 10.2in. Width x 10.2in. Depth x 16.5in. Height 
Horizontal : 14.6in. Width x 8.7in. Depth x 10.6in. Height 
Mounting Bracket : 47.2in. Width x 7.9in. Length 

Natural FSC Smoked Oak with brass fittings

Care Instructions:
Wipe with Microfiber cloth

27.5 lbs.

Delivers in 2 cartons
Delivered in a flat package, final assembly done at home.


Sebastian Jørgensen

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark