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Løype Mat

Loype Stormy Blue
Loype Cloudy Grey
Loype Breezy Beige


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Løype is inspired by the fresh trails of cross-country skiing. A ski track crosses the mat in a simple, graphic pattern, creating a beautiful dialogue between light and shadow. The result is both classic and modern, with melange hues efficiently hiding grit and grime. A solid everyday object!

Meet Heymat, the last mat you'll ever need. A Heymat has a thick pile that stops sand and dirt from getting into your home. It means that you spend less time cleaning and more time living your life. There are many doormats, but only Heymat delivers high quality combined with beautiful design. They are highly durable, with long lifespan colors that are sun and wash resistant.

A Heymat has a rubber underlay which protects the floor from moisture, stays in position, and will not slide about on the floor. It also will not freeze or become slippery in the cold. In addition, Heymat is easy to keep clean.

34x24 inches. Thickness: 0.3 inches
44x32 inches. Thickness: 0.3 inches
57x32 inches. Thickness: 0.3 inches

Pile made of PET and PP (50% recycled content). Nitrile rubber backing (20% recycled content). Contains no hormone disrupting or carcinogenic substances. 

The manufacturing process behind a Heymat involves many manual operations. This means that the mats may vary slightly in size, color and appearance.

Vacuum the mat regularly.

When necessary, mats can be washed in the washing machine at 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a bleach-free detergent and vacuum the mat before washing. Dry the mat in the tumble dryer or hang up to dry. You can extend the life of your mat by regularly machine washing; we recommend that you do this 2–4 times a year.


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