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Small Hanging Bubble Vase


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The HANGING FLOWER BUBBLE collection is a series of solid colored glass vases designed to be easily hung using the included leather cord. The objects are designed by Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen and have a light and elegant expression suitable for most homes. Here, you get the vase in elegant and delicate purple.

Hanging vases are a beautiful and different way to decorate with flowers and plants and they create a great effect as they are hung floating in the air. The hanging design highlights the simplicity and organic shape of the vase, and it also brings a sculptural expression - especially in the company of the seasonal fresh flowers. This vase is particularly suitable for a single flower – go for very simple flowers or more voluminous ones such as an orchid. You can use the leather cord as support for the stem.

The vase is also inevitably suitable for experimenting with different plants - it is an easy way to bring nature inside and doesn’t require much care. Go for plants that can take root in the water or a single small branch that eventually will wrap itself around the leather cord.

Diameter of Vase: 3.15"
Cord Length: 39.4"

The vase is mouth-blown and made of borosilicate glass, which is a particularly strong type of glass that can withstand high temperatures. The vase is made of transparent scratch-resistant glass. With ordinary cleaning, the vase will retain its color and shiny surface even as time passes.

Care Instructions:
The vase can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap. You can use any type of vinegar to remove any limescale.

0.25lbs including packaging

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