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Mobile Mirror

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Mobile Mirror is a functional and graceful mirror that will blend in perfectly in your home environment. Still, the Mobile Mirror is also a piece of interior art as much as it is a simple and useful mirror. It is made of powder-coated steel and the crystal clear mirror is on both sides of the mobile. Suspend it from the ceiling using the leash and enjoy how the mirrors on both sides reflect the light and the surroundings. 

If you have a large entrance hall or office space you should try to arrange a handful of mobile mirrors to hang in a cluster. The visual effect is mesmerizing as all the Mobile Mirrors slowing spin around themselves in their own rhythmical flow. You can, of course, hang this sculptural mirror directly on the wall and use it as an extraordinary bathroom mirror. 

The Mobile Mirror is a bewitching and effortless danish design from Kristina Dam Studio. Our way of designing could be described as Nordic Minimalism, with a focus on simple graphic lines, attention to detail and carefully selected materials. 

The quality is paramount to the Kristina Dam Studios brand, which is reflected in the craftsmanship and construction of the collections. A range of good strong materials is considered and selected to ensure longevity and durability whilst still being aesthetically beautiful and true to the brand’s distinct look and feel. Kristina Dam Studio has a mission of making art and interior merge, both in furniture, art prints, illustrations and sculptures. The materials used are genuine carefully selected – such as brass, marble, mirror, oak, steel and glass. 

12.2 in. Length x 0.78 in. Width x 28.3 in. Height

Black powder-coated steel & Glass

Care Instructions:
Do not use any chemicals to clean the steel. Use only warm soap water and glass cleaner for the mirror and dry with a soft cloth. 

Sharp objects may damage the surface of the mirror. 

Make sure you knot the string very tight to carry safely the Mobile Mirror. Repeat that procedure from time to time. 

10.14 lbs.

The Mobile Mirror cannot cary any additional weight!

Please make sure to use the correct dowels and screws for your wall or ceiling to mount the mirror securely. 

Kristina Dam Studio

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