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Rise & Shine Mirror

Natural Oak/Brass Weight
Burned Oak/Steel Weight


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The Rise & Shine Wall Mirror utilizes bold forms with an asymmetrical composition to create an unfolding feature within any space. A softening oak center point allows the mirror and brass components to push and pull agains each other, providing an ever-changing point of reflection. Whether employed for different functions, or simply to create an intriguing interior sculpture. Rise & Shine provides a centerpiece full of balance and movement.

31.5 - 63in. Height x 17.7in. Width x 2.7in. Depth x 17.7in. Diameter

Mirror glass, oak wood, steel or brass

Care Instructions:
Wipe surface with a soft cloth, either dry or slightly damp.
Do not use any abrasive cleaning tools, and never use strong cleaning agents such as household glass cleaner.  

18.7 lbs

The Rise & Shine Wall Mirror is carefully crafted, and every item is unique. Smaller marks or minor deviations in the material and surface may occur. Avoid collisions from the side- this is where the glass is most vulnerable. The Rise & Shine Wall Mirror is intended for indoor use only.  

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Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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