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Rivsalt: Ginger & Turmeric


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GINGER & TURMERIC are old best friends from India. Used in many of the same dishes, they complement each other extremely well – like most best friends do. These dried roots belong to the Zingiberaceae family and are said to have remarkable health benefits - possibly even more so together with grated pepper.

For some extra zing, use the elegant spoon-grater to stir the grated roots into a classic curry, a delicious Caribbean sweet potato soup or your breakfast chia seed pudding. Or why not grate and stir into a fresh cocktail or your favorite smoothie? Works great on top of your morning latte, tea or super-healthy detox shot, too.

When not in use, the stainless steel spoon-grater rests gracefully on the carefully carved oakwood stand making it a beautiful centerpiece on your dining or kitchen table. 

Grater: 1.77in. Width x 6.69in. Height x 0.06in. Depth
Table stand: 0.78in. Width x 1.1in. Height x 0.55in. Depth
Giner and Tumeric roots: 0.79-2.75in. Length (varying shape)

Grater: Stainless steel 
Stand: Oak wood

Care Instructions:
To keep them sharp, shiny and rust free we strongly recommend that you wash the graters by hand regularly using a mild dishwashing liquid and water. Use a brush to remove loose salt, pepper or other spices. After washing, rinse with water and dry thoroughly with a towel. The graters should not be put in the dishwasher. Doing so could damage the sharp edges. Please be aware that during hot weather and high humidity it is necessary to care a little extra for RIVSALT graters and clean them more regularly.

Ginger and Tumeric root:  Approx. 0.18 + 0.18 oz
Total weight: Approx. 6.35 oz

Cardboard Gift Box: 3.22in. Width x 9.25in. Height x 1.38in. Depth


Jens Sandringer

Country of Origin:
🇸🇪 Sweden

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