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Spring Edition Chocolate Covered Licorice



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Lakrids By Bülow, a licorice company born on the Danish island of Bornholm in 2007, is the only producer of handmade boiled licorice in the world. Created by Johan Bülow, this lauded company uses only the finest raw materials with no additives. Lakrids draws on the centuries-old Danish tradition of licorice-making to create classic flavors, like sweet and salty. 

Bite into a beautifully, speckled lightbrown shell and enjoy how silky dulche chocolate blends perfectly together with raw licorice powder and a core of soft licorice. Small flakes of sea salt complete the sensory experience.

Enjoy a creamy sensation when you bite into the wonderful combination of delicious soft milk chocolate, crunchy caramel made of French butter and cream, completed by a core of salty licorice. You simply can’t have just one.

Lakrids by Bulow

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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