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Wall Shelf Svante with Mirror

Rainy Day


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“The idea behind the Svante series was to design small shelf units with a simple expression and a high level of functionality. The two shelves were the result of an ongoing study of compositions and functional needs. I wanted to challenge the typical storage solutions by adding a sculptural dimension combining space for displaying objects as well as areas for hiding things. The Ninna tables grew from an intention of merging an industrial look with a soft, cosy feeling - they are perfect storage entities and conversation starters at the same time. I love the idea that you can align form with function, make necessities look neat and add composure and harmony to small spaces and tiny homes.” - Maiken Lindhardt

20 in. Length x 3.7 in. Width x 9.8 in. Height

Iron Metal 

Broste Copenhagen 

Maiken Lindhardt

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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