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Single Paper Flowers



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The single paper flower is handmade with crepe paper.

Use the paper flowers individually or put them together into bouquets. You can use your paper flowers the same way you would use the natural flower. The difference is that your paper flower lasts forever and does not need water. If you choose to combine your paper flower with ordinary flowers, remember to protect the part of the flower in water.

You can also combine your paper flowers with dried flowers in any color to bring out a strong expression and it is a great gift for any hostess or as part of your home décor. Try combining the beautiful crepe flowers with dried grass too.

In addition to the decorative properties of paper flowers, they are versatile and long-lasting. We have gathered some inspiration for anyone who wants to use the paper flowers in different ways - either in your decor, on the table or as accessories. And if you feel like something new, the flowers can be reused in new creative projects.

  1. Wrap the paper flower around your napkin and serve a plateful of flower happiness to your guests.
  2. Mix paper flowers with fresh flowers (but remember to protect the paper stalk from water).
  3. Use the paper flowers as a colorful eye-catcher in a dried bouquet.
  4. Treat your friend to a stalk or two as a hostess gift.
  5. Decorate your gifts with a paper flower.
  6. Use the flowers individually or put them together for bouquets.
  7. Make a beautiful flower wreath for your hair with paper flowers.

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