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Meet the CEO: Cait

Cait is originally from Western Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. She currently resides in Brooklyn with her two kitties: Sammy and Snickers. She has been working in the design and furniture industry for six years. She enjoys eating Indian food, reading fantasy novels, and rescuing cats from the streets.

The Story of Teak

Caitlin's Story of Starting Teak New York: 
I grew up in the Western Pennsylvania mountains, spending my childhood embracing the fall and winter seasons. I longed to see the world once I grew up.
raduating with two degrees from California University of Pennsylvania: a Bachelor's of Fine Arts and a Bachelor's of Art Education with a minor in Women's Studies. 
Once I was ready for a new journey, I landed in New York City. During my final semester of grad school at Sotheby's Institute, I decided to study abroad at their London campus. On weekends, I traveled the European continent and found myself getting off a plane in Oslo, Norway in September 2018. The moment I took a breath of the fresh, crisp air on the tarmac, my life was forever changed. I had a sense of inner peace that I can only describe as coming home. 
During those months, I was able to visit Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Iceland. I fell in love with the culture which I have now adopted as my own. I wanted to share this aesthetic with friends and family, so I started Teak. Anything cozy, hygge, simple, and modern will do. Everything that you see at Teak has been handpicked and curated by myself.