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Canvas Vase



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Based on a desire to bring Kähler's craftsmanship legacy and classic techniques up to date, Meyer Lavigne took the shapes of the vases from the archives and playfully created an authentic, artistic expression with even more depth and life thanks to the deep, rich glazes. Canvas is all about the brushstrokes and the intention behind them. You can clearly see that the vases are painted by hand, which lends an expressive, vibrant look. In the decorations, you can sense the designer's artistic understanding and intuitive movements that make each hand-painted vase a small work of art in itself. The vase is 5.9 inches and decorated with vertical brush strokes starting from the top and moving downwards. The strokes alternate between wide and narrow, and the edge along the opening of the vase has a transparent black glaze that creates a marked contrast to the delicate colors.

Small: 5.9 in. Height x 6.3 in. Diameter
Medium: 7.9 in. Height x 8.5 in. Diameter


Care Instructions:
Not Dishwasher safe. Hand wash only.



Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark