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Lakrids by Bülow Selection Box


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Lakrids By Bülow, a licorice company born on the Danish island of Bornholm in 2007, is the only producer of handmade boiled licorice in the world. Created by Johan Bülow, this lauded company uses only the finest raw materials with no additives. Lakrids draws on the centuries-old Danish tradition of licorice-making to create classic flavors, like sweet and salty. 

Share your love for licorice in the most tasteful way. The new SELECTION BOX makes it easy for you and your guests to enjoy our chocolate coated licorice variants A, B, C, D, E, Anniversary Edition, CLASSIC and our Gold-edition. At the same time, it is the perfect gift when you want to pamper your nearest and dearest.

Anniversary: It took 12 years, only-organic ingredients, and silky milk chocolate to get it just right.

Passion Fruit: This one’s sweet and sour and especially great enjoyed out in the sunshine.

The Original: Soft licorice coated in Belgian chocolate and licorice powder—it’s a classic for a reason.

Bronze: Underneath the bronze-colored surface, you’ll find layers of sweet licorice and creamy dulce chocolate.

Gold: Sweet white chocolate and tart raspberries, all rolled in gold (how very fitting).

Coffee Kieni: Especially for you coffee lovers, this one stars sweet licorice, milk chocolate, and granules of roasted coffee.

Salmiak: It’s extra crispy, extra salty, and pairs creamy white chocolate with a salty licorice core.

Salt & Caramel: Salted caramel + sweet licorice = exactly as dreamy as it sounds.