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Dala Horse - Black


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6 inches tall. 

Dala Horses have been made by Nils and Jannes Olsson since 1928. They had to help with their livelihood early on by carving horses after school. When they were only 13 and 15 years old, the brothers took out a loan of 400 Riksdaler ($22 USD) to buy a band saw and the first small Dala horse factory saw its light.

Electric machines have replaced cranking by hand, but that is also the only thing that has changed. The horses are still carved with nimble fingers and get their characteristic mug painting by skilled hands. The tradition and love of the craft is the same now as in 1928 when we started. It is our pride and driving force also in the future.

6in. Height 

Hand Painted and Carved Wood

Care Instructions:
Wipe with microfiber cloth

Nils Olsson

Nils and Jannes Olsson

Country of Origin: