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Create decorative and artistic patterns with the innovative Flex Tube from Studio About. You can shape and bend the lamp with its movable design to create a unique eye-catcher or centerpiece that lights up your home and brings movement and life to your space. This Flex Tube is 9 meters long in a warm whitish color, giving you plenty of opportunities to create an impressive light installation. The lamp was designed by architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen.


The design is clean and minimalist, but its flexibility makes it organic and artistic, thus making the lamp the perfect fusion of sleek functionality and aesthetics. It invites artistic expression and creativity, making it the best form of lighting for an experimental lifestyle. Shape the lamp as you desire and create a playful pattern or light sculpture, and watch as it transforms into a work of art. The warm whitish color has a soft but effective glow, lighting up your home in a fascinating way. With the Flex Tube, you can bring light, warmth, creativity, and movement into your home.


The lamp is an innovative designer lamp that is both functional and flexible, as it can be used in countless ways, and with its 9 meters, you don't have to limit yourself. Use it as a ceiling lamp, wall lamp, or table lamp. Use the included hooks to create a unique pattern on the wall, and let the lamp hang in its organic and natural forms. It can also be draped over a pipe, hanging horizontally from the ceiling over a long dining table, or wrapped around itself and placed on the floor to create an alternative to the traditional floor lamp.

When you buy the Flex Tube, this is included in the package:

  • A 29.5 LED tube in the color White
  • Hooks for wall mounting
  • A 13.1ft long cord with a plug to connect to an outlet


LED tubes are better for the environment because they have a long lifespan and do not contain mercury. LED lighting is also recognized for its high-quality color rendering and is often used in museums, shops, and exhibitions. You can therefore add luxury and quality to your own home with your own Flex Tube.

0.6in. Diameter x 29.5 ft. Length

13-20 Watt LED
Lumen Output: 1440lm
Color temperature: Warm White


Cord Length:
13.1 ft

Material and Care Instructions
The Flex Tube is an LED tube in silicone. This allows the lamp to be bent and shaped into the desired pattern. However, the lamp is not suitable for being bent too much or being tightly tied.

The lamp has a burn time of approximately 20,000 hours and is CE marked.

The LED lamp is water-resistant and can therefore be used outside, where it is placed under cover from heavy rainfall. The circumference of the lamp source is 26 mm, making it easy to shape. The slim light source provides a fine and elegant illumination.

7.7 lbs.


Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen

Country of Origin:

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