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Icelandic Sheepskin Pillow

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The coziest pillow ever. The Icelandic wool is very soft and cozy. They feel like floating among clouds. The pillows are perfect for a sofa or for the CUERO butterfly chair. Finished with beautiful canvas on the back.

Icelandic Sheepskin

Sheep farming in Iceland is as old as the settlement of Iceland itself. To this day farmers are rearing their sheep by a method established by centuries of tradition, with most farms still family-owned and operated. The breed is still the same as in the time of the Vikings – sturdy small animals, well adapted to the environment.

Much of Iceland’s lamb production is simply based on sustainably harvesting the bounties of nature. The use of hormones is prohibited and antibiotics are strictly regulated. The Icelandic weather, unpolluted air and abundant supply of clean mountain water make the use of pesticides and herbicides unnecessary. A warm and soft feeling of safety will rush through the body of anybody that touches our ecological Icelandic sheepskin. 

14 in x 14 in.

100% Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Icelandic Sheepskin


Lars and Nils Kjerstadius

Country of Origin:
🇸🇪 Sweden