Omaggio Vase in Silver - Medium


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The classic Omaggio vase decorates many Danish homes. And with the warm grey, you get here a very special classical version of one of Kähler's absolute signature designs, created by the designer duo Stillleben. The vase is made of faience and designed with inspiration from our rich design archive in both form and decoration. The beautiful grey stripes give Omaggio a warm and beautiful, modern look that fits any greenish shades of a bouquet of flowers or branches from the garden. 

Kähler's beloved design is immortalized in two of the hottest materials, metal and ceramic. This popular vase size goes perfectly with all flowers of the season, and the beautiful silver stripes make a fantastic backdrop for the colored bouquets. Let the silver-striped Omaggio vase in size medium shine against the spring sun and make a sparkling eye catcher in your home.

All Omaggio vases are hand-painted, making every vase from the series unique. At the same time, the design gives a modern look and plenty of warmth to the vase. You can place the vase on, for example, the dining table, a windowsill or a sideboard. Along with the soft shape and simple, graphic expression, the Omaggio vase from Kähler adds a vivid dynamic. Omaggio is unique in Danish ceramics, and since 2008 the vase with its characteristic, hand-painted stripes have been the natural choice of vase in Nordic homes.

7.8in. Height x 6.3in. Diameter


Care Instructions:
Hand wash only


Ditte Reckweg’s and Jelena Schou

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark