Raise Flowerpot


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Play with levels and dimensions in your home with our minimalistic Raise Pot.

The pot presents a vast range of styling options and will help you welcome more greens into your home. Put your plants on a pedestal by placing the pot on top of the matching saucer.

When using the pot without saucer, the design makes an optical illusion, cheating the eye to think that the pot is hovering above ground. On its own, the saucer serves as a small bowl, ideal for bits and bobs around your home.

Raise Pot is made in stoneware with a coarse texture on the outside and glazed on the inside.     

Every single piece is made by hand in Portugal, slight variations in shape and color are to be expected.

Flower Pot: 6 in. Height x 6 in. Diameter
Base: 1.75 in. Height x 4.75 in. Diameter


Wipe with dry cloth.


Rikke Malling

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark