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Reflections Journal


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Meet the Reflections Journal. The journal works almost as a guided diary and each day asks you 1-2 questions to reflect upon. There is a new unique question for every spread. For example:

  • I want more of this in my life / I want less of this in my life
  • I have always dreamed about / one step I could take is
  • A letter to my teenage self
  • I really want to do this but something is holding me back

"I have found that taking a few minutes to myself each day makes me happier and more at ease. As a psychologist, I know that journaling has a positive effect on our mental well-being. To me personally, it is not just a great way to acknowledge and reflect on the things I am feeling or going through, it is also a way to learn about myself."

- Julie, founder of Kartotek Copenhagen

Contains 192 pages of guided space for daily thoughts and feelings.


5.3 in. Wide x 7.3 in. Height 

Cloth-bound, inside 100 gram cream white paper.

Kartotek Copenhagen 

Julie Warberg