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From the Artist:

Every individual holds a magic within them that can light up a room. All it takes is one person, yes just one person to invest and show that they really care to make a difference. Setting the intention to walk into a room and heal those around you by listening and seeing them fully. These are the thumbrpints of those who have invested and shown me love in an unconditional way. The same thumbprints are the ones I hope to carry on and bring with me wherever I go.

24 in. width x 12 in. height print includes a 1 in. border
48 in. width x 24 in. height print includes a 1 in. border

Giclee Paper Print (archival inks) which means the print won't fade over time. 

Extra Info:
Each print fits into a standard frame size; for example, a 20x20in. print fits into a 20x20in. frame.

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Kristine Cooper