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Hidden Iceland Book


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This alternative guidebook shines a light on the lesser-known side of the magical, mysterious island that is Iceland. It’s an inspiring source for those adventuring across the country, taking you to more than 300 places to visit.

Most of all, Hidden Iceland is an ode to the hidden attractions that are still to be found in Iceland, not just in nature, but in the towns and villages too, presenting them in inspiring lists such as:

  • glittering glaciers
  • cosy cottages and guesthouses
  • glorious geothermal pools
  • wild animal encounters
  • great rooftop bars in Reykjavíkand many more.

Originally from the UK, author Michael Chapman now lives with his partner in Reykjavík, where he writes about travel and health, and enjoys the feeling of being fascinated – and slightly alarmed – by the volcanoes, glaciers and lava fields that make up his new home.

Ívar Eythorsson is a Reykjavík-based commercial and outdoor photographer. He has been surrounded by nature since his childhood and now travels all over Iceland to capture the scenery this amazing little island has to offer.

302 addresses and facts in total, presented in original lists. Maps & index included.

5.1 in. x 1 in. x 7.1 in.

Softcover Book


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