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Our Brands

Paying homage to Denmark’s long-standing design heritage, &Tradition bridges old and new by creating furniture, lighting and interior objects with timeless appeal. From reissuing design icons to creating future classics in collaboration with acclaimed international designers, the collection combines craftsmanship with creativity and shapes carefully considered pieces with purpose and meaning.
Always respectfully. Always made to last.

AGUSTAV is based on our passion for wood and simplicity in design. We see beauty in function and create furniture that in essence is made to serve and live with us through ages to come. Each an every piece has its purpose and is made by hand with that in mind. Our furniture is created to be used and serves no purpose without an owner, which is why we create all our larger pieces to order.
Based in Reykjavík, Iceland.

applicata’s entire collection is based on the idea of creating "a special gift for a special occasion." To that end, they have allied theirselves with exciting design talents and artists. They have brought exclusive and genuine materials into play – and ensured that everything is produced in Scandinavia. 

The holistic design approach by Arne Jacobsen gave the world some iconic clock designs when he complemented his large commissions with furniture and objects. Designed from the 1930s through 1971, these wall clocks, alarm clocks, and watches are re-edited in collaboration with the Jacobsen family, giving special attention to their historical accuracy and craftsmanship. These handsome timepieces celebrate one of the great designers of the 20th Century.

DHS has distinguished themselves as a publisher of design rather than a conventional producer, working in the same way with designers that publishing houses work with authors. Rather than selecting a designer to make a specific product, all designers are invited to bring their personal ideas. Some of these ideas are selected for development and production. They look for products that add something new to their genre. Products with personality and character.

DESIGN LETTERS is a Danish design company founded in 2009 by the former interiors journalist and copywriter Mette Thomsen. The brand’s mission is to create high quality lifestyle products under the motto MAKE IT PERSONAL.

Design Letters was given the permission to revive the elegant font the renowned Danish architect Arne Jacobsen designed for Aarhus City Hall in 1937. The Bauhaus inspired typography is as modern and fresh as ever. 

ester & erik is a family-owned company that has been making high-quality candles since 1987. Since then, the logo with the heart in the middle has been ester & erik’s trademark – an icon reflecting the couple’s fondness for each other, and in particular for candles, craftsmanship and the quality behind their vision. A vision of creating warmth, joy and life through the candles which they have invented, produced and developed themselves for two generations.

Essey is a Danish company founded by John Brauer, who designs and manufactures his collection of household objects: baskets, pen, coffee tables, all characterized by a clean design where form and function are called one another.

Studio Hanna Saari represents Finnish design and high-quality natural materials. Hanna Saari manufactures solid wood furniture and utensils, as well as draws nature-themed prints. Hanna Saari’s vision is to create everyday sustainable objects that are durable and age beautifully in use. The studio is located in Halikko, Finland.

HETKINEN is a Turku based Finnish lifestyle company that creates small design items and cosmetics from the pine wood. Hetkinen was founded in 2018. Hetkinen drives inspiration from the Finnish forests and trees. The design approach is careful and minimalist.

Hetkinen’s mission is to bring people closer to nature in their busy everyday lives with high-quality product innovations. All Hetkinen products are manufactured in Finland at the company’s own factories.

Kähler represents Nordic design and gastronomy, coupled with the great respect for its more than 175-year-old heritage and tradition - a brand universe in which all are welcome, where the emphasis is on authentic experience. At Kähler, they are constantly striving to combine our unique cultural heritage with the ambition to be a leader on the ceramic arts scene, both nationally and internationally. They take the best of the artistic ceramic heritage and interpret it in a contemporary light.

Kartotek Copenhagen is a Danish stationery and design accessories brand. We design for the small everyday moments where we are at peace with ourselves or share time with those we care for. We search for ways to slow the pace of everyday life and make these small moments feel special.

Kay Bojesen Design Denmark produces and develops quality products from Kay Bojesen's creative and entertaining universe of wooden figures, guard, birds, rocking horse and porcelain. A universe that represents a tribute to our inner child.

We call our design approach for "Sculptural Minimalism". Designs by Kristina Dam Studio are graphic and architectural with a high level of details and excellent craftsmanship. Furniture from Kristina Dam Studio are mostly made from natural materials. We believe that mastering the monochromatic palette enable us to create timeless and enduring designs. Distinct and beautiful - simplicity with an attitude.  

The Danish Porcelain Manufactory – Lyngby Porcelæn (1936–1969) has always made a significant mark on the story of Danish porcelain in artistry and production alike. When production was at its peak, the factory accounted for one-third of all Danish porcelain production. The factory closed down in 1969, but managed to make a significant mark on Danish design history with its unique and distinctive designs, many of which live on to this day. In 2012, the Danish Porcelain Manufactory – Lyngby Porcelæn rose again and is today behind the relaunch of the iconic designs, now recreated with the utmost care and respect for the design heritage.

Made by Hand is a Danish design brand celebrating fine craftsmanship and understated luxury. MBH is inspired by Scandinavian craft traditions and styles, which provide an array of opportunities to develop authentic and durable design products manufactured by craftspeople in Denmark and abroad.
Always guided by their passion for natural materials and permanence, we create designs with beautiful details and timeless personality.

Magisso is a fast-moving and forward-thinking design factory behind over 40 international design awards, over 1 million sold products, 20 million views on social media, tens of successful innovations, house-brand products and brands. And we are looking for trouble - to solve. 

We are specialized in purposeful design, sustainable materials and global sourcing. And to make our customers shine.

Mifuko was founded in 2009 by two Finnish designers. From the beginning, they were inspired to combine modern design with traditional Kenyan handcraft and fair trade.

Muoto2 is a Finnish design brand founded in 2010 by two designers, Kirsi Pasanen and Mikko Kentta. Their collection includes home furniture and small home decor products in their own factory located in Lahti, Finland. They have been given the Finnish Key Flag Symbol and the Design from Finland mark as a proof of Finnish production.

The brothers Nils and Jannes Olsson were born into a poor family in Nusnäs, where the first Dala horses were made. They had to help with their livelihood early on by carving horses after school. In 1928, when they were only 13 and 15 years old, the brothers took out a loan to buy a band saw and the first small Dala horse factory saw its light.

Their goal is that functional products such as board games, photo albums, puzzles, etc. – objects which have previously been hidden away when not in use – should be so aesthetically pleasing that you want to have them out in your home all the time. When you are not using a PRINTWORKS product, it can remain on display in your home and add a special touch to your interior.

The RIVSALT product range is designed by Swedish entrepreneur and designer Jens Sandringer. Jens came up with the concept while dining at a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant in Beijing. An experience that sparked the initial product idea, which coincided with the rise of new Scandinavian foodie and design trends.

The original RIVSALT product was launched in Sweden 2012.

Saana ja Olli is a designer couple and an award-winning design studio from Turku, Finland. They produce their own 100% hemp textile collection manufactured transparently and locally in Southwestern Finland. In their works they value rectitude, timelessness and human touch.

We Do Wood was founded in Copenhagen in 2011, based on the vision that new Danish design and strict sustainability principles should go hand in hand. We work with Danish furniture manufacturers and have a long tradition of craftsmanship and high quality furniture. We have made it our ambition to always seek the better alternative and therefore we work on all 3 pillars when it comes to sustainability.