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Saltverk harnesses the traditional salt-making methods of 18th Century Iceland, capturing flavors and aromas of the Nordic region, for your kitchen. Shop our collection of sustainable salt, from the historic and abundant Westfjords of Iceland. Floral Icelandic thyme, umami-rich seaweed, raw Persian licorice, and activated charcoal are all intriguing ingredients that go into crafting our salts.

Saltverk was born out of a passion for food, sustainability, and Icelandic pride.  We wanted to make a product that expressed these passions and that was of the highest quality.  Using the natural resources that we have right at hand in Iceland - geothermal hot springs and pristine, clean seawater - we started making sea salt.  By only using geothermal energy for our production, we’re able to create a sustainable, carbon neutral product with no carbon footprint on the environment.

Flaky Sea Salt Tasting Notes: Our pure sea salt is a crunchy, mineral-rich sea salt.  The higher mineral content, and flaky structure of our salt give it a bold, rich and pure flavor that enhances and elevates the dishes you cook.  Once you try it, you won’t want anything else.

Lava Salt Tasting Notes : Our black lava salt is Icelandic flaky sea salt blended with activated charcoal.  The charcoal naturally smooths the bitterness that one can sometimes experience with salt, rounding the flavor to create a softer, more subtle salt.  The salt's dark color also brings great contrast and finish to any dish you cook.

Licorice Salt Tasting Notes : With notes of toasty nuttiness and a tangy licorice flavor our Licorice Salt is a little salty, a little sweet, and all around delicious.

Seaweed Salt Tasting Notes : This salt truly smells of the clean, fresh sea shore, and tastes of bright saline minerality mixed with rich earthiness.  Using two different types of seaweed we’re able to create umami notes that bring a deep depth of flavor to the dishes you choose to cook.

Birch Smoked Salt Tasting Notes : Woodsy, smokey and slightly sweet, this salt brings depth and rich lush smokiness to whatever you choose to create.

Arctic Thyme Tasting Notes : Arctic Thyme is in the family of thyme, but has a sweeter flavor and a lavender-like scent.  When paired with our sea salt, it brings both herbaceousness and a true expression of the wild nature of Iceland to whatever you choose to create.  


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