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Japandi Living Book


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More than 200 images of interiors in which Japanese aesthetics and Scandinavian design go hand in hand

Author Laila Rietbergen has more than 340,000 followers on Instagram and with this book she provides the best of Japandi inspiration

With practical tips and tricks, you will create your own Japandi-inspired home in no time

Get into this year’s interior design trend: Japandi, a style that combines serene Scandinavian design elements with the richness of Japanese design tradition. It is characterised by a combination of beauty, functionality, and clean lines with a lot of attention to materials, textures, and natural touches. In addition to more than 200 images of the most beautiful Japandi-interiors and designs, this book gives practical tips on how to implement these ideas in your own home.

This book will inspire you to create minimalist, yet luxurious Japandi interiors, where the design styles from two parts of the world meet.

9 in. × 1.1 in. × 11.5 in.

Hardcover Book


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