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Umbrella Bin



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The Korbo baskets are crafted for life and for generations to come. A unique design and technique is used to weave each basket together; the weaving is done with a single wire, completely without weldings. The technique, craftsmanship(which takes years to master), and high quality materials are the reasons why the Korbo baskets are so durable. There are simply no parts of the basket that can fall apart! 

The Umbrella Bin is handwoven using the unique Korbo craftsmanship dating back to 1922. It comes with a base in cast iron that adds stability and collects water drips from wet umbrellas. The base can easily be removed for cleaning.

The combination of steel and cast iron is a beautiful contrast that gives a crisp feel to the hallway.


The craftsmanship behind Korbo baskets dates back to the early 1920s Sweden. The first basket was woven by hand in 1922 by Einar Andersson, in Furufjäll, Sweden and used by fishermen and farmers or anyone who needed reliable carrying and storage that could withstand weather, wind, wear and tear. 

All our baskets can be used outdoor all year around in any climates.

Acid proof stainless steel has a great resistance to corrosion and is often used in maritime climate. The steel gains its properties through the addition of various alloys and precious metals. The baskets will remain shiny regardless of environmental exposure.

Galvanized steel has effectively been used for more than 150 years. By adding a physical barrier of zinc to the wire, the basket is protected from corrosion and gives it a beautiful matte patina over time.

Copper is a strong, durable and corrosion resistant metal. The surface changes when exposed to the atmosphere and acquires a protective patina that eventually turns to green over an eight to ten-year period.

Brass is a binary alloy composed of copper and zinc and is valued for its corrosion resistance and attractive appearance. Over time a natural tarnish will develop on the surface of the wire giving it a beautiful patina.

Add on Bin Hanger:
Add the Bin Hanger to hang Korbo baskets, for a smart wall mounted storage in the hallway, kids room or anywhere storage is needed. Made of Powder coated aluminum or raw Swedish ash wood. Easy to fix on any wall, with three screws. Purchase the Bin Hanger here.

21.26 in. Height x 9.06 in. Top Diameter

Acid proof stainless steel, Galvanized steel, Copper, Brass


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