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Column Coat Rack



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Column Coat Rack is a functional and also highly sculptural coat rack that will add a beautiful, unique touch to your home. Column Coat Rack is inspired by the aesthetics of conic pillars and made from lovely, solid oak. The Coat Rack features 4 hooks – and because of its small size, the coat rack can fit in almost anywhere – from your hall, bathroom, and kitchen to your bedroom. Place the column coat rack next to each other if you’re in need of more space for your clothes. 

Best described as a true work of art, Column Coat Rack is a practical storage piece that also functions as a stunning wall decoration when not in use. Demonstrating its versatility due to its small, lovely size, the coat rack from Kristina Dam Studio can be used in many different spaces. Spice up your hallway and use it to hang your coats and jackets after a long, busy day - or use it in the kitchen for towels. You can also hang it on the wall in your bathroom for storing your towels, or in the bedroom to hang your clothes or favorite pieces of jewels on.

Get the full effect of the coat rack by hanging several together – this way you will not only get more storage space, you will also have a stunning architectural art installation in the style of vertical columns which will undoubtedly make a decorative statement.

The material used for the coat rack is solid oak, thereby bringing a sense of nature and warmness into your home for a cool New Nordic vibe.

8.2in. Length x 2.1in. Width x 7in. Height

Neutral Oiled Oak

Care Instructions:
Be aware that wood is a living material changing imperceptibly over time.
All wood reacts to sunlight, humidity, temperature and can vary slightly in grain pattern and coloration. 
Please use only warm soap water when cleaning and dry immediately with a soft cloth.
The solid oak is treated with oil. If the surface of the oak wood dries out you might be able to restore its original glow by applying linseed/flaxseed oil to the product.
Follow the instruction label of the oil carefully or consult a professional before starting. 

Max load: 33 lbs

Please make sure to use the correct dowels and screws to mount the coat rack to the wall. Depending on the used dowels and screws the load capacity of the coat rack can vary. 

Kristina Dam Studio

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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