Opening at 34 Norman Ave in Brooklyn on July 19th!

Missing Armchair

Black Ash


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The Missing Armchair appears as if a simple line drawing has sprung into life. Sensual yet strong, the soft curve of each line creates a whimsy that is hard to describe. Straight lines have been softened, allowing the timber seat and back to appear as if floating above the thin steel frame. What remains are the bare essentials in our own interpretation of the humble café chair: light, stackable and durable, completed by a highly comfortable silhouette. 

30.7in. Height x 21.4in. Width x 20.9in. Depth

Powder coated steel frame with seat and back in moulded plywood.
Seat and back comes in selected wood veneer.

Care Instructions:
Clean veneer and frame with a soft dampened cloth.
Keep furniture out of direct sunlight.
Colors will fade, and seams will weaken when exposed to direct sunlight.
Furniture is only intended for indoor use.    

New Works

Regular Company

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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