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Julie, the founder of Kartotek Copenhagen, spent months designing each Guided Journal in order to get them exactly right. Her educational background as a psychologist guided her in creating the right questions and giving you room for self exploration. 

Our vision with the guided journals is to not merely give you a planning tool but to help you catch a moment in your life. Each journal contains 192 pages of guided space for daily thoughts and feelings. They come in 6 different styles, each uniquely crafted to guide you in achieving your objectives in a thoughtful way.

Care Journal: The Care Journal is a place to easily check in with yourself daily. It provides space to explore and reflect upon your thoughts and feelings for the day, your intentions for tomorrow, and your general well-being.

Goals Journal: The Goals Journal lets you explore, track, and reflect upon your personal goals. This is a place to map out a plan to help you turn ideas into actions. It holds room for ten goals, and includes sections like: a Vision Map, Goal Exploration, Milestones and Rewards, Habit Tracker, Mid-Goal Reflections, Mindmap of Unexpected Benefits, Goal Maintenance.

Gratitude Journal: Offers a space for you to reflect upon the things in your life that you are grateful for. Eight different questions will guide you into becoming more intentional and mindful of your gratitude, for example: The best part about today is - A reason to be excited for the future - A valuable lesson I learned or am learning - How can I show my gratitude to the people I care about - and more.

Memories Journal: Life is a collection of moments and some of them are worth holding onto. Keep your best memories safe with our Memories Journal for written and visual memories.

Reflections Journal:  The Reflections Journal works almost as a guided diary and each day asks you 1-2 questions to reflect upon. There is a new unique question for every spread. For example: I want more of this in my life / I want less of this in my life - I have always dreamed about / one step I could take is - A letter to my teenage self - I really want to do this but something is holding me back.

Travel Journal: Allows you to capture the highlights of your trips and vacations to be explored over and over again across time and generations. the Travel Journal holds room for eight trips and covers everything from planning, experiencing and reflecting on your trip. For each trip it has trip preparation section, a packing list, travel calendar, trip highlights, visual memories and reflections.

Grief Journal: Grief is a natural response to losing someone or something that is important to us. Everyone grieves differently, but often the pain of loss can feel overwhelming. The Grief Journal is for anyone who has experienced a loss. It provides a place to make sense of your thoughts and emotions with the help of guided prompts, pages for your own notes, and space for written and visual memories.

"I have found that keeping a journal of the things I am grateful for makes me happier and more at ease. As a psychologist, I know that journaling has a positive effect on our mental well-being. To me personally it is not just a great way to acknowledge and reflect on the things I am grateful for. It is also a way to learn about myself."

- Julie, founder of Kartotek Copenhagen

5.3 in. Wide x 7.3 in. Height 

Cloth-bound, made in Europe with 100 gsm cream white Swedish paper 

Kartotek Copenhagen

Julie Warberg 


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