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375 Table Lamp



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An interpretation of the iconic pendant Model 107 marked our 75th anniversary in 2018. Model 107 was designed back in 1942 by Esben Klint, and the shade is a fundamental part of the table lamp Model 375. This shade is, of course, hand-folded and beautifully integrated into a base in light oak or smoked oak with brass details.

La Klint Materials: Standard or Paper?

A standard shade is made of a special foil, which means it can be cleaned with water since the surface is resistant to liquids. It is also fire-resistant and UV-resistant, ensuring a long product lifespan. It is produced in Europe and of very high quality. The foil can be recycled as PVC after its life as a lampshade, thus contributing to new products such as drainpipes and sewage pipes.

A paper shade can have an equally long lifespan if well taken care of, but it will patina more quickly than the standard shade, taking on a slightly golden hue in its white color. Additionally, water should not be used for cleaning a paper shade; instead, a soft dust brush can be used to remove dust from the shade. The paper shade is made of 100% FSC-certified paper and is produced in Europe. The paper can be recycled as paper waste or simply burned in your own wood-burning stove, as it is entirely clean paper.

Table Lamp 

Small: 8.6 in. Diameter x 9.8 in. Height
Medium: 13 in. Diameter x 15 in. Height

Shade in PVC or paper, light oak base with brass details

Care Instructions:
Folded Paper Shade: Dust with soft dry cloth or brush.
PVC Shade: Dust with soft dry cloth or brush or wipe with damp cloth using water only. Always switch off electricity supply before cleaning.

40W max E26 Bulb
Bulbs not included


Cord Length:
60 inch fabric covered cord


Le Klint

Esben Klint, 1942

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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