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Atrium Stems



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This Atrium Flower Collection is a tribute to and reinterpretation of the trendy Anthurium flower. The flower is known for symbolizing hospitality. In many societies, it’s also a symbol of long-lasting love and friendship.

The flower comes in multiple color combinations, and it is a Reevein signature flower.

Each stem works as an art piece, but it can also be combined and mixed as a bouquet. The stem is cuttable, use regular garden scissors, if you want a shorter length. 

The flowers are 100% handmade, so there are small differences in all variations.

Flower: 4.7 x 4.7 in. Square
Height: 17.7 in.

GRS-certificated recycled polyester, a mix of glue and tapioca flour, lacquer, latex, paint, glue, plastic tubes, paper, and metal wires

Care Instructions:
Thanks to their real-touch coating, the vibrant colors remain stunning for many years and are easy to maintain. Use a gentle brush or a damp cloth for easy cleaning.

Reevein Studios

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