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Aura Table Mirror


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The bold materiality of the Aura Mirror is what generates its unique inner glow. Its polished metal form picks up surrounding light, creating diverse reflections through a combination of hard flat surfaces and long curves. Designed to be touched and held, its weight and strength is offset by the softness of its shine and sculptural curved form.  

3.5in. Height x 5in. Diameter

Mirror Polished Stainless Steel

Care Instructions:
To maintain the item in good condition, please clean the surface with a soft dry or moist cloth.
Do not use any abrasive cleaning tools, and never use strong cleaning agents such as household glass cleaner.  

3.3 lbs 

The Aura mirror is carefully handcrafted, and every item is unique. Differences in expression of the material and surface may occur, with smaller marks and minor deviations. The Aura table is not dishwasher safe. 

New Works

Bjørn van den Berg

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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