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Indigo Fruit



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London based artist and illustrator Juliette van Rhyn has used her abstracted approach to form with the art print Indigo Fruit. A hand-crafted and textured object rounded in deep blue features as the compositional centerpiece, with a single stem and leaves in green providing the abstract form with context. Not immediately clear is what type of fruit is featured, rather the composition is inspired by the colours and organic forms of fruit, celebrating their taste and texture.

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Small: 12 inches x 16 inches(30x40cm)
Medium: 20 inches x 28 inches(50x70cm)
Large: 28 x 40 inches (70x100cm)
Extra Large: 40 inches x 55 inches(100x140cm)* 

* This is a custom size production, produced individually and specifically to your order. Please expect extra working days added to the delivery time. Custom productions are non-refundable.

240g mat coated FSC certified paper.

Paper Collective

Juliette van Rhyn

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