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Lucid Sisters



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From the Artist:

The first time I hiked South Sister Mountain I arrived in the dark before sunrise with the moon illuminating our path. As the sunrise rose over the sky and the lush green trees began to glow I realized why this hike resonates with so many, it’s truly a breathtaking. The three sisters mountains are visible from a short walk out my front door, and hold such a special place in my soul. “Lucid Sisters” was painted to bring vibrancy and outdoor adventures home. 

11x14 in. print includes a 1/2 in. border

Giclee Paper Print (archival inks) which means the print won't fade over time.

Extra Info:
Each print fits into a standard frame size; for example, a 11x14in. print fits into a 11x14in. frame.

Cooper Art & Abode

Kristine Cooper

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