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Marble Bookend Sculpture

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The Bookend Sculpture is more than an ordinary bookend. The beautiful marble pieces that form the two bases of this unique bookend seem massive standing alone, but when you place your books in between, the bookends suddenly blends in and becomes almost invisible. 

It is as much a bookend as it is a sculpture that plays with shape and repetition. Kristina Dam wanted to design bookends that were capable to stand alone - without holding books - being more like a sculpture or piece of art. At the same time, Kristina wanted to create bookends from a single solid material that would absorb the shape of books and therefore would disappear when books are placed in between the marble bookends. 

These bookends are the perfect objects to place and decorate your favorite books with. Kristina Dam Studio is a Danish high-end design brand offering a big selection of furniture – like coffee tables and stools in solid oak, accessories like the Dome Vases and sculptures like the Stair Sculpture. Every product is made within the European Union from first class materials. All furnitures are designed in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Enjoy these danish designed bookends as a simple and beautiful sculpture or place your favorite literature in the middle of the two marble pieces, and watch the bookends merge with the spines.

6.7 in. Length x 3.5 in. Width x 7.8 in.  Height


Care Instructions:
Please do not use any chemicals to clean the marble.
Use only warm soap water and dry immediately with a soft cloth. 
Never use dusting sprays or abrasive cleaners on marble.
To refresh the stone's luster, we recommend to use marble polish. 
Please arrange the Bookend Sculpture carefully to prevent scratches and be aware of the fragile edges. 
Decoration use only!

The Bookend Sculpture is handmade, small differences in shape and material may occur. 

Kristina Dam Studio

Country of Origin:

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