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Montana Color Swatch Kit


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Get the possibility to explore Montana's eco-friendly lacquer colours by ordering our kit with 41 color swatches. We want our customers' Montana furniture that lasts for many years to come, so choosing the right color is essential. Montana’s color palette is complex, and each color relates to one another, to other materials and their spatial surroundings. Just as the modules offer infinite possibilities for combinations, the colors can also be mixed and matched as you wish.

Each color is created from a mix of colors that complement the others. The colors reflect light and surroundings differently depending on their structure – some are slightly shimmery, some are glossy, and some are more matte. The structures of the Montana lacquers are Matt Micro Structure, Matt High Structure, Semi Gloss Smooth, High Gloss Smooth and Velvet Smooth.

Since 2007, we have exclusively used water-based lacquer colors, which neither smell nor contain solvents. In addition, Montana recently achieved the EU Ecolabel, making the company among the first furniture manufacturers in Europe.


Peter J. Lassen

Montana Furniture

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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