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Colour, pattern and texture abound in Orange by Swedish based artist Liat Greenberg. Sitting against a striking blue and white stripped tablecloth, a single orange sits – fresh with a green stem and leaf. Greenberg’s flowing use of watercolors creates a graphic composition that is softened, celebrating the vibrancy of summers fresh fruits.

Stockholm based artist and fashion designer Liat Greenberg channels her love of colours and spontaneous forms through her work across still life and figurative paintings and drawings. Her practice is based on an almost meditative approach, utilizing her favorite medium – watercolor’s, as a way to capture her spontaneity and creativity. Full of movement, life and vibrant colours, her work approaches her subjects with a mix of abstract chaos and more deliberate representations.

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Small: 12 inches x 16 inches(30x40cm)
Medium: 20 inches x 28 inches(50x70cm)
Large: 28 inches x 40 inches(70x100cm)
Extra Large: 40 inches x 55 inches(100x140cm)* 

* This is a custom size production, produced individually and specifically to your order. Please expect extra working days added to the delivery time. Custom productions are non-refundable.

200g uncoated, FSC certified, acid-free paper.

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Liat Greenberg

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