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Rim Wall Mirror

White Oak
Black Stained Oak


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An elegant wall mirror with a functional shelf and an infinity glass finish. This object is both incredibly practical as well as sophisticated and will compliment most modern living spaces, bathrooms, hallways or bedrooms. The shelf contains a small groove in which to store objects.

"We wanted to make a classic and slim mirror with visible soft wooden details that lift it from the wall. The flat panels at the top and bottom give the mirror a warm expression as the wood grain becomes visible. The wooden strips that surround the back of the mirror all have a large radius which creates a soft shadow on the wall." - Herman Studio

15.7 in. Width x 26.5 in. Height x 4 in. Depth

10 lbs

Glass Mirror, Solid European Oak, Natural Oil treated or Black Stained

Form & Refine

Herman Studio

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark