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Rivsalt: Pure Licorice


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Licorice is the renowned “RIVSALT™ gastronomic experience“ now with a beautiful chunk of premium raw licorice. Together with the high-quality stainless steel grater, they become the centerpiece of any dining table when placed in the untreated oak desk stand.

Grater (HxWxD): 3x2.16x0.06 in. 

Table stand: Ø2.51x0.75 in

100% raw licorice rock: 0.79-1.97 in (varying shape). Approx. 1.05 oz

Cardboard gift tube: Ø2.95x4.33 in

Total weight: Approx. 5.29 oz

Individuals with hypertension should avoid excessive consumption of licorice.