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Setago Rechargeable Lamp JH27

Twilight and Sand
Nude and Forest
Rust and Thunder
Maroon and Grape


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Like many of Jaime Hayon’s pieces, the Setago comes with a story. ‘Seta’ – the Spanish word for mushroom – sets the tone for the diminutive, mushroom-like proportions of this quirky table lamp. But a further clue to its identity is signified by the suffix ‘go’ because this lamp – unburdened by an electrical cord – can literally go anywhere. Rather than remain stationary, it was made to be moved around with ease, plucked like foliage from the floor and carried from one room to the next. To recharge, it simply needs to be attached to a USB cable.

“I wanted to create a lamp that prioritized versatility,” says Hayon of his vision. “The Setago’s cord-free feature means it is extremely adaptable, equally suitable indoors as well as outside.” Drawing inspiration from the artistry of a Japanese lantern, Hayon melds superior craftsmanship with the decidedly modern capabilities of his cord-free design. Despite such integration of technology, the workings remain hidden inside to keep the lamp’s form clean and uncluttered. The light it produces is equally considered – the mood is manipulated by a discreet brass dimmer that controls the diffused, ambient light.

Rechargeable, portable table lamp providing a diffused warm glow with three-step dimmer on stem.

Portable Table Lamp

Shade: 9in. Diameter 
Base: 5.5in. Diameter x 8.8in. Height

Molded polycarbonate (PC) base, stem and shade; dimmer button in brass.

Production Process: 
The base and the lamp shade are molded in polycarbonate (PC)

Care Instructions:
Dust with soft dry cloth or wipe with damp cloth using water only and drying thoroughly. Always switch off before cleaning.

3W LED G4 dimmable LED bulb
Lumen output: 225lm
CRI 80
Color Temperature (Kelvin): 2800k
Estimated LED lifetime 25,000 hours

Rechargeable Li-Ion 18650 2600 mAh 3.6V
Charging time: 8 hours; operating time (highest light): 10 hours.


Cord Length:
47 inches long black PVC Micro USB cord

Indoor and in dry outdoor conditions
Must be stored indoors

CE, IP43


Jaime Hayon

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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