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Swedish Traditions and Holidays Book


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A gorgeous, giftable, illustrated anthology of Sweden’s unique holiday traditions.

In this beautifully designed and richly illustrated volume, the year's Swedish holidays and traditions are described with a focus on their cultural-historical roots. In addition to major weekends such as Easter, Midsummer, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and New Year, special days in the calendar are also noted, such as Olofsdagen, Valborg and Mickelsmäss. Through them we get a glimpse of what people's lives and conditions looked like in preindustrial society, in a calendar filled with traditions, parties and holidays celebrated in Sweden. Some are new, others have been celebrated for a long time.

In Swedish Traditions, the folklorist Tora Wall guides us through the entire calendar year and goes through the origins, history and customs, both historical and contemporary, around Swedish traditions and holidays. The publication is inspired in its design by 19th-century Swedish household Bibles.


9.5 in. × 7 in.

Hardcover Book



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