Opening at 34 Norman Ave in Brooklyn on July 19th!

The Empty Airbag


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The empty Airbag is a new product where you can purchase only the outer cover of the Airbag. It is made from some of the abundant leftover Airbags which can be found at car part sales in Europe. 

The empty Airbag can be used to stuff soft textiles when not in use. Whether it is your summerduvet, winterjackets or teddy bears, the empty airbag can be filled with soft filling by choice and serve as a cushion, a pouf or simply a storage pouch. 

By using the empty airbag you are supporting increased circularity of materials. Color of airbag and handle is unique to each airbag.

23.6 in. Diameter

The airbag is sourced from car-junkyards in various countries in Europe, such as Denmark, Iceland and Germany. Inner cushion is made with powerfill waste from the outdoor brand 66 North. The textile around the filling is a non-woven up-cycled textile.

FOLK Reykjavik

Studio Flétta

Country of Origin:

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