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Tiki Tiki Print



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From the Artist:

The work "Tiki Tiki" was brought together with the combination of mid century modern meeting the colors of Mexico. The hotel that we stayed at was called Tiki Tiki and they had a play on Mid Century Modern throughout the space. The tiles were bright colors, and the area was surrounded by tropical plants blooming. Once arriving back home after the trip this is the first piece that came to me. 

12 in. width x 12 in. height print includes a ½ in. border
20 in. width x 20 in. height print includes a ½ in. border
30 in. width x 30 in. height print includes a 1 in. border

Giclee Paper Print (archival inks) which means the print won't fade over time. 

Extra Info:
Each print fits into a standard frame size; for example, a 20x20in. print fits into a 20x20in. frame.

Cooper Art & Abode

Kristine Cooper

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