Opening at 34 Norman Ave in Brooklyn on July 19th!

Urbania Lighthouse Tealight Holder



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Kähler has created a Christmas collection, which is especially simple and beautiful to have in any home at Christmas time. Bache and Bendix Becker are the powers behind Urbania, a collection of small faience houses meant as closed tealight holders. The candle house is modern and particularly stringent in its expression, so it is perfect together with the home’s old Christmas classics. The Urbania houses can easily stand alone, but they work especially well in combination with each other.

Long Church: 3.9" Height x 2.8" Width
Classical: 3.7" Height x 2.8" Width
Manor: 6.7" Height x 3.1" Width
Church: 7.1" Height x 3.9" Width
High Building: 8.7" Height x 3" Width
Little Tower: 4.5"Height x 3.1" Width
Functio: 3.5" Height x 2.8" Width
Smithy: 4.1"Height x 2.8" Width
Town House: 4.9" Height x 3.5" Width
Galerie: 7.3" Height x 4.7" Width
High Tower: 8.9" Height x 3.5" Diameter
Tivoli Entrance: 7.3" Height x 4.3" Width
Tivoli Glassalen: 5.7" Height x 4.7" Width


Care Instructions:
Hand wash only


Bache & Bendix Becker

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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