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Greys & Dark Neutral Tapered Candles

42 Muted Mauve
50 Aubergine
69 Artichoke
71 Concrete
74 Dark Slate
75 Raw Black


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The classic candlestick is the very first candle dipped in production, and even though it has more than 30 years behind it, it is still our absolute best-selling candle. From the beginning, the fine, pointed top has been the completely unique thing about the light, which gets its elegant, sleek look from this very special characteristic - a signature that means that you can always recognize an ester & erik light.


#69 Artichoke: Muted elegant, neutral light tinted khaki

#42 Muted Mauve: Dark greyish-mauve with warm cloudy shading

#50 Aubergine: Intensely blackened purplish-brown

#71 Concrete: Neutral stone-cool urban mid-grey

#74 Dark Slate: Chic, dark anthracite grey

#75 Raw Black: Elegant, true black 

9.5in. Length or 12.5in. Length
Bottom: The candle has a conical shape, which means that the candle is rounded at the bottom, so it fits most candlesticks.

The candle is made of 100% pure fragrance-free paraffin from Europe's leading manufacturer.
The wick is made of cotton.

Self-extinguishing:  The light is self-extinguishing, so the flame goes out when there are 2-3 centimeters left (however, we recommend that candles are always under supervision).

Extinguishing guide: We recommend that the light is turned off with a candle extinguisher to avoid us and ensure that the flame is turned off completely so that the wick does not stand and glow. With a light extinguisher, the glow is extinguished and the wick is intact.

Firing instructions:  For optimal burning, we always recommend keeping the wick short, having a minimum distance of 10 cm between the lights and not putting the lights in a row or over a radiator.

Two candlesticks per order

ester & erik

Ester & Erik Møller

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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