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The Inka Sofa



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The Inka's design is a true classic both from a design and aesthetic point of view,  made to last and be passed down through generations.

The Inka chair is made of two squares that form legs and arms. Above, they are held together by an outer frame that also supports the back. The width of the arms is for comfort, where you can rest your hands, put down a nice cup of coffee.

Gunnar Magnússon is one of the big names of Icelandic design history and his designs attracted a lot of attention abroad as well. The Inka Collection is one of his timeless, classic designs and the first of Gunnar's designs FÓLK will reproduce.

The collection is originally designed in 1962 and FÓLK will now reproduce Gunnar's products in accordance with the company's sustainability and circular principles.

2 Seater: 25.59 in x 28.74 in x 48.82 in
3 Seater: 25.59 in x 28.74 in x 68.50 in

FSC certified solid Oak or Ash wood. Textile: standard made with Hallingdal 65 from Kvadrat, can be customised with textile from Astrid

FOLK Reykjavik

Gunnar Magnússon

Country of Origin:

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