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Halikko Cutting & Serving Board - Small



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Hanna Saari cutting and serving boards are made of high-quality solid wood. The multi-purpose Halikko cutting board is an example of a product that wears beautifully and lasts in use. It is perfect as a kitchen piece of jewelry, a serving tray for table settings and serves as a breakfast tray. A good gift product.

The boards come in three different woods, each with their own unique characteristics:

Ash, a classic color with a luminous quality.

Elm, a darker color with warmth and depth.

Oak, rustic grey brown with fine wave patterns.

The handmade antibacterial cutting board is finished with food-safe oil, making it a safe cutting surface for bread or vegetables. Each cutting board is unique. Wood is a living natural material, its surface texture and shades vary individually in the products.

Hanna Saari Studio represents Finnish design and high-quality natural materials. The products are designed and carved by hand by designer Hanna Saari.

Length 11.4 in x Width 6.7 in x Height 1 in

Ash, Elm, Oak wood
Finished with paraffin oil

Care Instructions:
No dishwasher or soaking. Clean with a mild soapy water solution. Wipe the surface dry.

1.8 lbs

Hanna Saari Studio

Hanna Saari

Country of Origin:
🇫🇮 Finland

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