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Curved Pouf

Cognac Brown


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Poufs are in themselves a graphic element built up around simple principles. The Curved Pouf is made of exclusive aniline leather and the rounded shape of the pouf and its distinct design triggers our fascination of geometry. 

A modern blend of aesthetic elegance and casual comfort, the Curved Poufs emphasize a simple form which produces an organic expression. A soft and simple look and design. The pouf is made of the finest grey-brown aniline leather that creates an exclusive and durable seat. The pouf has an exclusive Scandinavian design with its clean rounded shape and graphic lines. The Curved Pouf can be used as an extension for your sofa, as an extra seat in your living room or as an ottoman. On the other hand, you could also just use the pouf as an extraordinary decorative seat in your bedroom. Wherever you choose to place this luxurious pouf we guarantee that the curved pouf will add a warm, modern and sophisticated feel to your home interior. 

16.5 in. Length x 14 in. Width x 16.5 in. Height

Aniline Leather

Care Instructions:
Aniline leather is the most natural looking leather, the unique surface characteristics of the animal hide remains visible. Hence, a degree of natural marks and shade variationis is to be expected. Aniline leather has a natural, warm and soft grip and the color of the leather will change over time and develop a beautiful patina over time. However, leather is very sensitive, and stains will become visible if not cleaned off immediately.

Clean the leather using a hard-wrung cloth and make sure not to leave any water on the leather. You can impregnate the leather with nubuck leather/ textile impregnation spray. We suggest that you firstly apply impregnation on a smaller and less visible part of the aniline leather in order to ensure the product is safe to use and does not discolour the surface of the leather. Please follow the instruction label of the impregnation used carefully and consult a professional before starting if needed.

Kristina Dam Studio

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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