Opening at 34 Norman Ave in Brooklyn on July 19th!

Turnaround Rack

Rosemary Green
French Blue


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The Turnaround rack is a practical yet poetic piece of furniture to help you store your clothes in a minimalistic manner.

Designed by the Finnish design duo Our Edition, Anna Pirkola & Joel Sipila have created the perfect versatile clothes rack that can be used in various contexts of small living. The Turnaround Rack continues FÓLKs emphasis on strong, simple, functional products that are both durable in design aesthetics and function.

Although the Turnaround Rack is strong and can be used for decades it is also ready to support the circular economy. The Turnaround Rack is made from 30-60% recycled steel and can be easily recycled again at the end of life. Turnaround rack can stand alone or be combined with FÓLKs Urban Nomad shelfs that have the same material and flexible usage, ideal for urban small space living.

13.8 in. Length x 39.4 in. Height x 0.8 in. Width

Made of recycled steel, produced in Poland.

FOLK Reykjavik

Our Edition

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