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Arne Jacobsen's City Hall Alarm Clock


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The City Hall alarm clock was inspired by one of Arne Jacobsen’s most detailed projects, Rødovre City Hall. Comprised of a black case and face in a glossy hard PE body, curved crystal, and stainless steel feet, the clock is a welcome addition to a nightstand or desk. The tabletop alarm clock is unobtrusive, making it an excellent choice for a variety of interior spaces. A timeless classic, the alarm clock includes special IC alarm and a LED light.


4.3 in. Diameter x 4.5 in. Height


Glossy ABS case with a solid stainless steel base. Polycarbonate crack-resistant lens.


Quiet precision quartz, Copenhagen Watch Group.

Third Hand Alarm: 

Bell alarm, IC motion sensor, snooze function (5 times at 10 minute intervals). Remove easy-off back cover to set clock and alarm.



2 pcs. AA 1,5V (not included)



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