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Flowerpot Pendant Lamp VP1

Matte White
Matte Light Grey
Matte Black
Grey Beige
Stone Blue
Signal Green
Tangy Pink
Vermilion Red
Cobalt Blue
Dark Plum
Swim Blue
Black and White Wave Pattern
Polished Stainless Steel


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The Flower Power movement was all about peace, love and harmony, driven by a generation who questioned rigid values in favor of personal freedom. Amidst missions to the moon and alternative lifestyles emerged a fascination with the future. Verner Panton captured the spirit of this era with his Flowerpot lamps. Two semi-circular spheres facing each other became the signature style for a series of lamps that went on to decorate private homes, interiors and exhibitions around the world in a variety of psychedelic colors, patterns and combinations that became emblematic of the Flower Power movement. Panton was a pioneer in his avant-garde approach to geometric designs, vivid colors and immersive interiors. We’re pleased to keep his legacy alive with lamps that honor his vision of the future – in the present by offering this licensed design manufactured by &Tradition.

New Colors

In close collaboration with the Panton family, &tradition is pleased to welcome five new and exciting, vibrant colors to our range for 2023: Cobalt Blue, Swim Blue, Vermilion Red, Tangy Pink, Dark Plum. Alongside this scintillating color expansion, we are also excited to welcome a re-issue of a Panton original, black and white wave-pattern design inspired by the 70s.

Pendant Lamp

9.1in. Diameter x 6.3in. Height

Lacquered metal with 3 meter fabric cord
Canopy: Made of white plastic and included with light

Production Process: 
The two shades are made from deep drawn metal

Care Instructions:
Dust with soft dry cloth or dampened only with water; dry immediately. Always switch off the electricity supply before cleaning

40W max E27 bulb
Bulb is not included


Cord Length:
118.1 inches



Verner Panton

Country of Origin:
🇩🇰 Denmark

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